We are SMF Models

We are an established Modeling Agency trusted by local, national and international connections and is known for being the Best in the West for all model training and representation. We love to provide our models with a safe, professional and motivating atmosphere when participating in all of our photo shoots, casting calls, movie auditions, fashion shows and more. We appreciate all of the support we have been given and continue to grow daily to provide even more opportunities.

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All current and aspiring models come to SMF to prepare them for what they never knew how to do on their own. Finding any direction from anyone at all on how to actually become a model can be extremely difficult, very expensive and most people you come into contact with won't really be able to give you the correct information. More often than not, unsigned models feel forced to work with any photographer just because they need photos taken. We have seen it time and time again to where photographers don't have the actual experience they are claiming or your photos aren't up to quality standards, maybe it was just an overall uncomfortable experience. These are all issues we help every aspiring model to avoid. 


We offer representation, training, exposure and encouragement for all of our models & talent looking to expand. SMF first focuses on the model immediately gaining on set experience all while building their portfolio! This is very important. How you act, or as we say perform on set is everything! If you are not confident, poised and professional, clients will not want to work with you.

With our qualified on set professionals, you will be fully trained. Over a certain amount of time and training, you will then have all of the knowledge, experience and confidence you will ever need to get your foot in the door to any opportunity.

We also offer:

  • Modeling Event Coordination

  • Modeling | Runway Training

  • Enhancing Business Products

  • Photography Services for Clients

  • Model & Talent Scouting

  • Entertainment Field Internships

Our Story

SaMarie Fashion - better known as SMF, was always about capturing fashion's most creative moments, scouting for models and over periods of time these models are signed with big agencies across the country. We started in 2012 and found it to be a very hard business to run. The owner was always seen as someone who was trying to change what everyone else was comfortable with but they didn't know the good she did for so many individuals who wanted the help.

It's been a long journey to become what we are today and we are proud to be here for each and every one of you! SMF Models holds Private Interviews and Model Open Calls every couple of months to try and find those that aspire more from their lives but just don't know how to go about doing it, and safely! Each of our signed SMF Models were carefully selected after they submitted on our website, were then chosen to be seen and put through our face to face interview process, questionnaire and lastly have met with both the owner, Sam Marie & Modeling Director, Willow Riley.

It is our pleasure to announce that 2017 was super successful with movies, photo shoots, runway shows, even the turn outs at our open calls were amazing! 2018 began with a waiting list of aspiring models that were hoping just for the chance to meet with us! This year we already have events scheduled such as movies, photo shoots, runways shows. New model submissions come in to us daily from all over the world.