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Sam Marie


I have modeled all over the country and have been extensively trained in runway walking, posing, movement, ballet, hip hop dance, acting along with so much more for over 15 years. I've been published on countless occasions for my achievements. I've worked with over 300 models and continue molding new ones to be the best in the industry.

Not only have I modeled and been in the spotlight for many years, I've had nothing but Competitive World Class Olympic Training in Figure Skating for 18 of them. With my many titles and accomplishments, I enjoy passing on the grace, knowledge and precision to each model sharing the trades, sports and techniques I acquired with others. Presently, I coach presentation, endurance and all types of physical training for Dancers and Figure Skaters only by private request. 

I started Fashion Photography in 2011 enjoying the art of it all which always had me scouting for models to play the parts I needed in order to make my visions come to life. All of the visions I've had, have now come to life for all of our wonderful SMF Models and their amazing futures that we are able to offer them.

Each aspect of my life has prepared me for owning this amazing Modeling Agency so that way we are able to provide anyone with the opportunity! I'm proud to bring on Montana's newest or current models in the surrounding areas to help them achieve any goals and dreams that they may have. 

Thank you.

Sam Marie


Instagram: @samisoah


Brianna Kirby

General Manager & Modeling Director

  • Available for booking, please contact 406-871-2695

She is also a Model with us and is booking work consistently. Please contact her directly if you wish to work with her.

Brianna is dedicated to expanding and motivating our models to become their best selves. She trains, poses and helps any model to feel 100% comfortable with the images being taken. Brianna is very driven and helps to set major goals that we all work hard to achieve. She started off as a model and offered to take part with our internship program learning the business well.

Posing, marketing & being one of our MUA'S are her passions.

With SMF being her top priority, she has been unstoppable and is even published for her achievements! She produces success at a rapid rate and it is such a pleasure to have her as the owners right hand women.


Instagram: briannakirby23


Nick Stockton

SMF Personal Assistant - Model - Actor - Singer

  • Available for booking, please contact 406-871-2695

Nick is ready to travel for all projects and is currently working on a reality show with the owner of SMF and our GM/MD Brianna Kirby.

He started out as a model and over the years has been the owners right hand man for any creative inspiration, labor and model preperation. Nick has many talents and enjoys modeling, acting and of course his hair blowing in the wind on his motorcycle. He masters at voice impressions and is also trained for runway. Without the help of him on our team, SMF wouldn’t be where it is today. Thank you Nick for everything, always!


Instagram: @beautyandthebeard406


Dillon Whitley 

Makeup Artist - Available for Hire

E-mail dillon_whitley@yahoo.com


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